Open Letter to the Editors of BuzzFeed

Dear Editors at Buzzfeed,

My colleagues at the White House and the FBI were shocked this morning by the unfounded allegations in one of your posts suggesting that I, James K. Luers, somehow do not exist.

To once again clarify: Since March this year, President Obama has given me the delicate task of helping mediate a rapprochement with the revolutionary administration of President Nicolás Maduro. Not a thaw, like the Cuban one, but more a microwave defrost. From the beginning, that approach has been sabotaged by extremist right wing elements – mostly Columbia-based – determined to see continued poor relations between Venezuela and the United States.

For the past couple of weeks there has been an outburst of negative attacks on me. As you may know, fascist elements control over 80% of the media in Venezuela.

The Buzzfeed piece echoes the misrepresentations that these news outlets have been spewing since I stated that the US was not investigating Diosdado Cabello, President of the Venezuelan Congress and people’s hero of the 4F revolution, for drugtraficking charges. The absurd notion that such a notorious Venezuelan would be considered a drug kingpin was easily disarmed by the fact that the main witness in such faux case didn’t exist. It was a fabrication of the right-wing media. But I already commented thoroughly on this subject in my blog. Which, clearly, this “Will Freeman” – likely a nomme de plume – who subscribed the Buzzfeed piece did not read, did not understand, or did not want to understand. What is astounding about the piece is the lack of research, and the fact that clearly “Mr. Freeman” doesn’t speak Spanish.

What irrefutable proof is there to deny my existence? An email? A couple of phone calls? What about fact checking? Did you know that the FBI uses Buzzfeed as a direct source of intelligence? What if we send out a drone strike and hit the wrong “bad guys” because of your misdoings?

I ‘d like to think that Buzzfeed has not joined the shameful ultraright conspiracy currently seeking to undermine the process of detente between the Venezuelan and U.S. And I’d like to think that the rumors aren’t true and Buzzfeed is not a “gutter gossip site” (because that’s what people have been saying about your website). In consequence, I expect Buzzfeed and this Will Freeman persona to retract their post and provide a formal apology to me and my existence.

After seeing Roberta (Jacobson) depart from the Cuba talks, I will takeover to bring the process home. It is a great opportunity for me and a true challenge since I will have to juggle that with the posts I currently hold. This will also provide me the chance to reconnect with a part of my life that I thought would never get in touch with again. The days when I was happy man between the thick dark thighs of Cuban love. Be warned, I will not let you ruin that.

I understand Buzzfeed’s business depends on driving clicks to your website, and can see how a story like the one you ran would contribute to that, but denying a persons existence is a sordid act of psychoterror. An act so vile, so low, only comparable to murdering the soul and ripping the guts out of the self.

I hope that this misunderstanding has been clarified and it will only linger as good watercooler chat.

As for young “Mr. Freeman:” you sir, are a suppressive person.

Warm regards,

James K. Luers

White House Spokesman and FBI agent.


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